The DNA of WOAW! Are Why!

Hi! I’m Katrina Lokko and Thanks for dropping in at WOAW! You’re taking the first step in finding out who we are, what we stand for, and who we represent.  Our team of writers and advertisers count it an honor to provide inspirational, educational, spiritual, healthy, and financial information. Enjoy your stay.


Exposing her own personal painful moments, she compassionately shares how she learned to take off the labels that people placed on her, start loving herself and stopping the emotional roller coaster ride. Being a single mom of 21 years, in and out of abusive relationships, dealing with weight on weight off issues, broken promises, broken dreams, and on the verge of just giving up found herself in the mist of her dark circumstances.


In founding WOAW she realized that through her magazine and talk show that healing would come to millions of viewer and readers as she developed a platform for herself and people like her to tell their story.

At several turning points in her life, she realized that she, like countless others, had been through some pretty rough patches or should I say pits in life. The stories she and her writers and guest share are true, but very impactful and transforming. So now they release their stories to the world with the hopes someone being set totally free.


I remember painful days and nights up crying out for help, but it seemed that no one would come, I was walking around with a smile on my face, but on the inside asking God to take me to heaven cause I didn’t want to exist anymore.  There are so many reasons people feel this way and it’s really hard to say what one incident caused the most pain, but one thing for sure is that the pain was real, real enough that all you could hope for was death.  Don’t be fooled by age, because most of the feelings I am talking about were stronger for me around age 6 and that’s a heavy burden for some child to carry.

Today I stand here totally free of all that stuff that kept me down and ready to give back to the countless faces I dream of every night in that same pain.  So here you have my why.


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