Out Growing The Crowd

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they are faced with the decision to go backward, stay the same, or move forward.  It’s 2014 a new year and many people at this time of the year begin to look at their life and evaluate their personal, spiritual, physical, and financial growth and determine where to go from here. If you have to move forward, this will require change and change is not bad change is moving from immaturity to maturity; you start to realize you have out grown people and  things around you.  This is not bad, it is actually one of the most beautiful times in your life, now why would I say that, because your walking in newness, finding out what’s next and meeting new people, going new places, and being mature enough to handle it all.  Something happens inside you when you yield to maturity, it begins to put the right things in place, your seeing for the first time, your hear and listening has enhanced, wisdom and truth are now your best friend. Your are not the same, You have matured! Does that mean you have arrived to your final destination? NO! that just means, you are moving forward and preparing for the next level.

Here is what happens next, people around you begin to see the change and NOT recognize it as maturity, but something MUST be wrong with you or your thought pattern is off, my favorite one is, your not following Gods will.

I am here to tell you that there is NoThing wrong with you, You grew up and away from anything or anyone that will hold you back, desire maturity, welcome it with open arms because where your going is a whole new arena of things and people that understand where you have been.  Do you just give up on the ones behind you? absolutely not, you pray they eyes of their understanding be opened as well, Never think you are better than them, nor think that they are better than you.  I will leave you with this example: you have a 6 month old and a 2 year old, which one would you give a bite of steak too? Sometimes not yielding to maturity is your hold up.


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