Dare to be the best that you can be, dare to take leaps and over take rivers and valleys, dare to do what everyone says you can not, dare to stand in the mist of your fears and past failures and tell them that there is no place for them, dare to be the person that takes the chance only to find that you are a world changer, dare to call on help from others and realize you needed a team of individuals that had the part that was needed, dare to open yourself up to meaningful relationships, dare to show people what you know and not be afraid of being let down, dare to stand in the mirror and tell that person that starting today that SUCCESS is taking over and VICTORY is on it’s way. Then and only then, DARE TO BE YOU!   Have you been hiding behind an image of what you thought was you? or maybe you been standing behind someone elses image? whatever that has caused you to not be you we tear the label off and call forth you true destiny and encourage you to walk it out. DARE TO BE YOU!  Have you been labeled, called out, sold out, counted out, forgot about, left out, tossed about? all because you were viewed as different? in still don’t matter DARE TO BE YOU!


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