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Taking It All Back

Hello, I told you that we were getting refocused on our direction and today is the first day of our new post.  So what do I mean by taking it all back, YOUR LIFE, many people over the years have became all the labels that were placed on them by others, which has left them out of alignment with their destiny.  The “Taking My Life Back Revolution” requires you to take a look into your past and understand that your past is not leading and guiding your future and that all that pain has a purpose.

Questions like, Why do I exist? Do I have a purpose? What is my destiny? How do I discover me? How do I let the pain of my past go? Does God care about me? Why don’t people like me? Will I ever find a mate? Why do I still feel like a looser? the list goes on and on, but remember one thing, you are not alone and you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  All these questions are normal and you are not loosing your mind.  As you walk through this healing process I want you to no that there is not judgement here. So with that said, lets get started. How it works is, you will submit your questions and concerns and our team will try our best to answer, if it is something we can not answer we will tell you. Send questions to We will not reveal who you are and you don’t even have to tell us your real name.


Crossijg Over Jordan

Hello, I know it’s been a while since my last post and let me tell you why, here at WOAW we want to bring you quality,  life changing, ground breaking, label breaking, higher level thinking,  and most of all truth about whom YOU really are, so we took some time away just to put a plan together that will  encourage you to go after you. With that said, continue to follow us and share it with friends. #rippingofflabels

The WOAW Brand

WOAW Magazine & Talk Show is a platform for aspiring individuals to showcase their gifts, talents, products or services.  Why? Have you ever been told that your not good enough? that your not smart enough? that the ideas you have will never work? your not worthy? your not pretty? too fat? too short? you don’t fit what we are looking for? and O yes maybe you should do this or that because I think you would fit that better.  Well I am here to tell you that those are all labels from someone elses thoughts and what they want from you or expect.  WOAW is making it our mission to help you rip off the labels placed on you by others.

Brighter Days

Here at WOAW we are doing our bestto give you quality,  with that being said please be patient as we implement changes that will benefit our readers and viewers.  We are seeking advertiser’s and sponsors to come on board.  If yoy feel you play a part of WOAW, email us at  Thanks for your patience as we go international. 

You Got The Power!

I just wanted to let you know that you are not defeated and you destiny is not one of loss and bitterness, but one of life and peace and a knowing that you have the victory over everything that comes to trouble you.  I want you to stand in front of the mirror and speak to your soul and command LIFE, speak to you body and declare ORDER, and command your spirit to breathe the breath of God. 

Label Depot

Some people can’t wait to be free from their labels, but others sometimes hang on to them, but I am here to tell you that if you keep hanging on to labels you were never meant to wear you will crash and burn even if they are good labels.  What is a label, WOAW says that a label is a tag you wear to describe the real you, a show piece to determine your worth.   The thing about labels is they can be easily ripped off.  Have you been labeled dumb, crazy, slow, ugly, fat, skinny, retarded, unworthy, never be able to learn, to white, to black, no one will ever marry you, your not good enough, you can’t measure up to your siblings, and it goes on and on.

You can break free from labels if you want to, all you have to do is begin to discover who you really are so you can tell your labeler who you are not. #rippingofflabels