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You Got The Power!

I just wanted to let you know that you are not defeated and you destiny is not one of loss and bitterness, but one of life and peace and a knowing that you have the victory over everything that comes to trouble you.  I want you to stand in front of the mirror and speak to your soul and command LIFE, speak to you body and declare ORDER, and command your spirit to breathe the breath of God. 


Who Am I?

Who are you? how do you feel about you? are you livinvg for others?  We are told many things throughout our lifetime, but the question is, how is it helping us and is it encouraging us to be who we were created to be or is it grooming us to be who we are told to be. People and things should never dictate how you are to feel, where you are to go, and who you are to be. Discover who you are by taking off the labels placed on you by others and begin to live a life of freedom. Society doesn’t deside how you feel or who you are. 

Who’s Driving?

Who did you give the keys to? why did you give these three the  keys? They are all deadly, irresponsible, they don’t think, and no one really wants them around, but still yet they get invited. You say day after day that you would no longer be friends with these three, but, everyday here they come and not only that, but you enjoy them, to bad you gave your keys to Fear, doubt, and unbelief.

Take back the wheel!

Doing Life Together!

On our early morning call the topic of our WOAW Power Tools session was, building relationships and how long must you know someone before you do business with them? It is not a matter of how long because you could know someone 30 years and not be pleased with there services, for me I watch there character, consistency, interaction with clients, and how there work is.  I do listen to others concerning them, but I don’t, what do I mean by this, Excellent to one person may just be okay work to another and okay work may be excellent work to another, people see things differently. When talking about the relationships, someone ask, what was the length of time we known someone and do we keep in touch, everyone on the call said they knew people from high school and college, but as I looked back and it did’nt take but a minute..LOL.. My first friends were family Lisa Askew, Faye Sander and may earliest memory of them is when I was around 5, then my best friend outside of family members although she has become apart of our family and I hers, is Dorothy wells, we have been friends since 3rd grade.

We always knew where each other was,we been there for each other through nasty divorces, tragedies, deaths, births, marriage, successes and failures. Building lasting relationships is Gods perfect plan, I her people say things like this, “they are in my life for a season” or “it was just meant for us to know each other for that moment”, but truth is, that is just a brick wall we put up to keep from getting hurt in relationship, because Gods plan is for us to do life together, because it shows His perfect love.  Now those friendships I mentioned, were there all good times, heck no, we got mad at each other, cussed each other, said bad things about each other and even stop speaking for a moment, only a moment cause I can’t go without sharing stuff with them.LOL.. but that is what built our friendship, not the absents of disagreements but the presence of love and forgiveness, BUILD RELATIONSHIPS! business and personal and watch your life change.

Who Told You That?

We follow so many trends, rules, traditions, and folk sayings, that some how, who we are got lost in all that. Things such as “you can’t wear white after September 1” or “pink is for girls and blue is for boys”, the list goes on and on and we never question why and how these things came to be, we just fall into formation and say guide me.

Now is the time to take back your ID and stand up and say hey, Its December 15 and I’m dressed in all white, I am not asking you to start a movement in the world, I’m asking you to start a revolution in your own life by being set FREE from the status quo and live the life you were created to live.