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Brighter Days

Here at WOAW we are doing our bestto give you quality,  with that being said please be patient as we implement changes that will benefit our readers and viewers.  We are seeking advertiser’s and sponsors to come on board.  If yoy feel you play a part of WOAW, email us at woawmagazine@gmail.com.  Thanks for your patience as we go international. 



As I sit in my silent time I’m reminde of my week and how amazing it has been. WOAW March issue will be out on the 15 so last min. tasks that have to be done, final reading of articles submited, more to the right, no center it, or maybe remove this and replace that.

With all our ideas and the way we want things done, I’m always aware of how God wants things done, and how He wants them placed.  In your own personal life are you aware that He has a plan for you and a way that He wants you to do it? yiur dreams and visions did not fall out of the sky, they came from some where.  Did yoy ever think the source of all that was God? and since He placed in your hands, then that means everything you need to complete the task has already been provided.  As you go through your weekend reflect on that.

Who Am I?

Who are you? how do you feel about you? are you livinvg for others?  We are told many things throughout our lifetime, but the question is, how is it helping us and is it encouraging us to be who we were created to be or is it grooming us to be who we are told to be. People and things should never dictate how you are to feel, where you are to go, and who you are to be. Discover who you are by taking off the labels placed on you by others and begin to live a life of freedom. Society doesn’t deside how you feel or who you are.