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The WOAW Brand

WOAW Magazine & Talk Show is a platform for aspiring individuals to showcase their gifts, talents, products or services.  Why? Have you ever been told that your not good enough? that your not smart enough? that the ideas you have will never work? your not worthy? your not pretty? too fat? too short? you don’t fit what we are looking for? and O yes maybe you should do this or that because I think you would fit that better.  Well I am here to tell you that those are all labels from someone elses thoughts and what they want from you or expect.  WOAW is making it our mission to help you rip off the labels placed on you by others.


Label Depot

Some people can’t wait to be free from their labels, but others sometimes hang on to them, but I am here to tell you that if you keep hanging on to labels you were never meant to wear you will crash and burn even if they are good labels.  What is a label, WOAW says that a label is a tag you wear to describe the real you, a show piece to determine your worth.   The thing about labels is they can be easily ripped off.  Have you been labeled dumb, crazy, slow, ugly, fat, skinny, retarded, unworthy, never be able to learn, to white, to black, no one will ever marry you, your not good enough, you can’t measure up to your siblings, and it goes on and on.

You can break free from labels if you want to, all you have to do is begin to discover who you really are so you can tell your labeler who you are not. #rippingofflabels http://www.woawmagazine.com


As I sit in my silent time I’m reminde of my week and how amazing it has been. WOAW March issue will be out on the 15 so last min. tasks that have to be done, final reading of articles submited, more to the right, no center it, or maybe remove this and replace that.

With all our ideas and the way we want things done, I’m always aware of how God wants things done, and how He wants them placed.  In your own personal life are you aware that He has a plan for you and a way that He wants you to do it? yiur dreams and visions did not fall out of the sky, they came from some where.  Did yoy ever think the source of all that was God? and since He placed in your hands, then that means everything you need to complete the task has already been provided.  As you go through your weekend reflect on that.